Consulting a tax return, communication with the tax authorities.

Taxes and additional services

Our ambition is to offer you several alternatives to solve problems in the field of taxation, while observing all legal rules and moral principles. Considering a complex tax issues and contexts. Practical experience and theoretical knowledge we use to find effective solutions for tax optimization.

In this area we offer:

  • • keeping necessary records and preparation of tax returns for individual types of taxes
  • • representation of clients under the authority of the tax administration from tax authorities
  • • application of the provisions of the Tax Administration Act, the performance of legal acts related to it
  • • application of the provisions of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation in solving client's tax issues in relation to foreign
  • • the application of laws and decisions of the EU

In the additional services we provide:

  • • consultancy and alert the client to the obligations arising from changes in legislation regulating accounting, taxation, commercial and labor law
  • • management accounting and payroll software, consulting and analysis functionality in selecting appropriate software
  • • developing internal control systems, a description of internal processes and the creation of internal directives in the field of accounting and taxation
  • • the economic conversion of a business plan client cooperation in approving bank loans and lease financing, interim financing banks reporting to
  • • Performance of independent physical inventory of fixed assets and inventory processing and client outcomes from this inventory
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